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Romanian Association of Clinical Hypnosis, Relaxation and Ericksonian Therapy

Organize in Piatra Neamt, training in ericksonian psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis!

Course start: February 2010

Places: 25-30



  1. Prof. dr. Ion Dafinoiu - President of A.R.H.R.T.E. and Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, University Al.I. Cuza, Iasi
  2. Dr. Turcu Iustinian - primary clinician psychologist, president of the College of Psychologists Bacau, A.R.H.R.T.E. trainer
  3. Dr. Miron Itzhak - primary clinician psychologist with supervision right, director of Miron Institute Piatra Neamt

Organizers: Dr. Miron Itzhak, Dr. Irimia Mihaela

More information and registration at the headquarters office of the Miron Psychology Institute, Piatra Neamt, str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 3, bl. D 4, sc. B, ap. 37 parter

Phone: 0233 236 146, 0724 225 214


The course is accredited by:

  • European Association for Hipno - Psychotherapy
  • College of Psychologists in Romania
  • Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy.